Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate – Residential and Commercial

Buying and selling real estate can be both an exciting and stressful experience. Whether it’s purchasing your first home, selling a rental property or buying land to develop a commercial development, real estate law is full of legal land mines that require the full attention of a qualified professional to navigate.

Our dedicated and experienced team of lawyers and real estate paralegals are uniquely suited to assist with virtually any kind of residential or commercial real estate transaction, from a simple purchase and sale of a home to a more complex commercial development requiring expertise in a variety of legal areas.

Our commercial and residential real estate services include:

  • Title Transfers
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement Drafting and Review
  • Lease Agreement Drafting and Review/Negotiation
  • Financing Agreements including Standard Mortgages, Re-Financing Agreements, Vendor Take-Back Mortgages and Rent-to-Own Agreements
  • Drafting of Security Agreements involving Land
  • Commercial Developments including Builder’s Lien and other Construction Law Issues
  • Dower Releases and Family Law Related Transfers
  • Estate Related Transfers
  • Land Title Reviews
  • Registration and Discharge of Caveats
  • Real Estate Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  • Dealing with Foreclosures
  • Notarization of Out-of-Province Real Estate Transfer and Financing Documents

To speak with a real estate legal professional to discuss any of the above services, please call our office at 403-948-0009.